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Strategic Financial Reporting

Empower decision-making with actionable insight.

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Institute Financial Awareness

Balance Sheet & Income Statement

Running a business is mentally (and physically!) demanding, making it easy to lose the forest for the trees. Delivering accurate core financials that you can trust each month is LUCA's way of helping you keep sight of the big picture and overall health of your business.
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Go Beyond Core Financials

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Understanding how it works in your business is crucial to keeping your doors open and lights on. We make sure you have a grasp of inflows and outflows so that you can always be prepared to take strategic action.

Operating Budget

LUCA can help you build an operating budget that makes sense for your business and that can be continuously updated based on actuals from month to month. We can assist your team with the budget development process or do it for you.

Rolling Forecast

If you are on a growth trajectory, intentionally planning for the future is essential. A solid forecast is as close to a crystal ball as you can get in the business world. Our team helps you work through assumptions and optimize based on actuals, giving you a framework you can rely on when approaching critical business junctures.
"We were overwhelmed with unforeseen challenges that came with our growth. LUCA helped us gain the operational efficiency and transparency we needed to regain control of our business."
Bruce Lanier
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