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Better Bookkeeping

Optimize your books without lifting a finger.

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Automate Transaction Processing

You don't have to sacrifice a solid audit trail to save time booking your company's revenues and expenses. We use best-in-class software partners to keep your general ledger healthy and up-to-date. We can even help you catch up prior periods.
better bookkeeping for small businesses
accurate bookkeeping

Accurate & Teachable Categorization

Your dedicated team will classify almost all of your transactions each month. For exceptional items, we will request your input to make sure we get it right. Actual comment from current client: "Y'all are responsive and knowledgeable. And nice."

On-Time Financial Statements

LUCA's financial statement delivery deadline means that your Income Statement and Balance Sheet will be consistently delivered to your inbox, on-time, each month. Our team can also build enhanced financial reports to give you more targeted actionable insight.
timely financial statements for small businesses
taxes for small businesses

Stress-Free Taxes

When your books are organized and ready for annual tax filings, questions are easier to answer and things generally go more smoothly. We minimize the effort it takes to accurately prepare and file on time.
"This is an honest team here who is genuinely concerned with improving the efficiency and work flow of our company.  Excuses are not excepted with these guys and they just seem to do things the right way!"
Nathan Caldwell, Owner - Multi-Unit Franchise
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