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Reliant Compliance

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State and Local Taxes

State and local tax compliance is only getting more complicated with time. States are quickly developing new laws to help capture tax revenue from businesses in a variety of industries. LUCA helps you stay on top of these changes and important deadlines so you can file on time and focus on growing your organization.
tax services for small businesses in birmingham

Business Licenses

Do you have all of the correct business licenses and know when they are up for renewal? Our team makes sure you have what you need to operate and remain in good standing.

Income Tax Preparation

LUCA can be a one-stop shop and assist with your corporate income tax return preparation and filing. Our team has kept your books clean and up-to-date all year, so we are in the best position to make your annual filing efficient and accurate.

Insurance Audits

The bigger your business grows, the more there is to insure. Our team helps you cut through the clutter of confusing renewal forms and questionnaires.
"LUCA helped me streamline my financials (P/L, balance sheets, bank accounts and more) for 2 businesses.  They also took a huge load off my shoulders by handling tax filings (local and state) as well as business license renewals."
Billy Borland
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