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We want you to know everything there is to know about how we can help your business. Go ahead, ask us!
LUCA is a cutting edge, modern, tech savvy outsourced bookkeeping and accounting partner for small businesses driven by a heart of service and powered by proven results.


Can you help my accounting team be more efficient?

Yes, we love strategically partnering with businesses that want to keep their current team intact for various reasons. We can assess your situation, outline a project scope, and deliver efficiency and effectiveness gains.

Do you work with any particular accounting systems?

Our team members have experience working with a number of cloud accounting systems, including Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, Wave, Freshbooks (and a couple others that we're embarrassed to mention). LUCA is a certified Xero advisor and Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor, and we generally implement one of those two systems for our clients.

Will you work with my current CPA?

Absolutely. With CPAs on our team, we are fully equipped to tackle whatever you throw at us, but we are always glad to make the work of other professionals easier to accomplish for our clients.

What are your prices?

We partner with growing businesses on a fixed, monthly basis (like a subscription).
For more information, see our Pricing page!

CFO / Business Advising

I have an accounting team. Can you help us?

Yes, we work with many companies that have their own accounting team. We work along side your team in a support capacity or a leadership capacity.

Will you work with my current bookkeeper?

Of course. We can identify opportunities to make your current bookkeeper's time more productive by implementing better workflows and technologies.

What industries do you focus on?

We work with single entities and franchises in a number of different industries, with the most represented being ecommerce, SaaS, makers/artisans, service, restaurant, and retail.

Our Team

I'm hiring a bookkeeper, can you help me?

We highly recommend having a one hour free consultation with our team before making a full-time bookkeeping hire. If your business is producing over $2,000,000 in annual revenue, you may very well need a full-time bookkeeper. However, our experience and insight can make this process much smoother for you and we can provide recommendations on what you can automate and what you should hire for.

Where is the LUCA team based?

Our HQ is in Birmingham, AL, but our team is spread across the state and and in other parts of the country. Everyone on our team is based in the United States and we do not outsource our team or utilize a team based outside the United States.

Accounting 101

Do I need an accountant?

Yes. Every business owner needs 3 primary relationships before they get started - an accountant (financial and business advisor), a lawyer and a banker. We believe these relationships should come in that order as the accountant serving a business advisor is in a great position refer you to a lawyer or a banker (if needed). Avoid starting your business without having a financial advisor relationship - it will ultimately save you and your business time and money.

Compliance 101

No current items. Email us a question!

Launch 101

I'm literally just starting out. Can you help me get my company set up?

Yes. As a matter of fact, our Launch service is designed to do just that.


No current items. Email us a question!
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